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April 2017 – Rustico Renovation

April 2017

I know it has been a while since I wrote, so I am playing catchup – we actually finished the next couple of projects two or three months ago. I just got carried away with getting jobs done that I then forgot to write about them – sorry for that, I must try harder!

So, ‘things are going septic’ – don’t worry, nothing is really going green and mouldy or falling off! I am talking Septic Tanks (Fossa Settica). Because our house has not been lived in for a lot of years, and the previous owner was ‘old world’, there was never a bathroom in the house and nowhere for the ‘waste’ to go.  Our humanure compost system worked perfectly well for us, and we have now left it to mature for the next couple of years to ensure any harmful pathogens are killed off and the compost is ready to use on our non edible plants. But we needed a more permanent and socially acceptable way of disposing of our waste from the toilets and sinks (i.e. one that the planning officers would approve!) – a Fossa Biologica Imhoff to be precise.

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