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Where to start? – Rustico Renovation

Where to start?

We have owned our dilapidated Italian farmhouse in Liguria for just over a year now and lived in our caravan for 9 months in the garden just staring at it! Well that’s not quite true…we have begun to tame the land around the house, tried our hands at a vegetable garden (well Helen has), and more importantly for me, we have taken our time to decide exactly how we want to renovate our new home. Something we have never had the luxury of before as our previous homes were also always projects to sell on, so time was always of the essence. This time it is different…this time it is for us!

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So after about 6 months of living here, we had followed the sun rise and sun set to know the best places for sun bathing, finding shade, eating outside and where to insert new windows to capture the stunning views. We knew which direction the prevailing winds blow, how much space we want to live in and more importantly how much space we need for storing tools etc. (the list is growing and so is the amount of space we want – anyone know the average size of a tractor?).

We now had a list of requirements (not that different from our list of wants before we bought the house – phew!).

How do you go about renovating an old stone house in a country where everything we had ever learnt about renovating in the UK means nothing here – literally nothing, as everything we knew was in English!

So where to start? … you buy the dream!

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